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September 8, 1935
Several years ago, Polish Orders were formed or organized in the town of Grafton, Massachusetts. The one ambition of these organizations was to build a Polish Home, but times and funds would not permit.

  Polish Alliance group 1578

On November 24th, 1929, the Polish Alliance group 1578, of the Polish Orders, called a general meeting of all Polish descendents at Allen's Hall. At this meeting, a temporary committee was chosen as follows: F. Klocek, J. Nadolink, T. Bien, P. Dubiel, and O. Such. The duty of the said committee was to canvas from house to house and enlighten all the Polish residents on this matter.

March 9, 1930,

On March 9th, 1930, another meeting, of all Polish residents, was called. At this time one and everyone interested realized the unity, and agreed to form a standing committee to proceed with their plans. The committee was chosen as follows: President F. Klocek; Vice President J. Matuzek; Recording Secretary T. Bien; Financial Secretary W. Such; Treasurer K.Ratkiewicz; Directors T. O'Bara, J. Knapik, A. Krol, P. Dubiel, J. Rybycki.

The said committee at once set to work to draw up the by-laws which would govern the newly formed so called, the Polish National Home.

PNHA, Incorporated

Immediately after being incorporated, the building fund began to grow. Shares were sold, socials sponsored and many other means were used to help swell the building fund.

June 4, 1934, the first real step was taken toward the building of the Home. A track of land, the best located in the town, was purchased from J. Barney.

Although funds were not exceeding, the spirit and faith was in its highest. Plans were drawn up for the longed dream. On September22, 1934, a contract was signed to build the Home. One year later, on Sunday,September 8, 1935, a Grand Opening was celebrated.

For a more indepth history, see A History of the Polish American Community of South Grafton, Massachusetts

Polish National Home Ass'n
7 Main Street, South Grafton, Mass

Today all faithful and deserving shareholders realize that which was a dream has proven worthwhile.